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He also blogs on the Press Club Web site, as well as on his own online page. He said he could not remember the other. Dotty, Lynch, "Rove-Gannon Connection?

According to Free Republic , "Since June 23, , He also hosts 'Jeff Gannon's Washington' on Rightalk. Suzanne Goldenberg reported February 11, , about Jeff Gannon, the "Fake reporter unmasked at White House," who at press briefings had a propensity to ask softball questions or questions that the White House desired to address. The White House faced fresh accusations of a clandestine propaganda campaign yesterday after it emerged it granted regular access to a rightwing blogger with a habit of asking President Bush easy questions.

Gannon, who represented a rightwing site owned by a Texas-based Republican activist, had been a regular at White House briefings since but aroused reporters' suspicions after posing ideologically loaded questions.

media prostitute: pimping to power

Gannon, the fake White House correspondent, quit his job at the Talon News site on Wednesday after liberal bloggers found he had been operating under a pseudonym, and that he was linked to several gay pornographic web domain addresses under his real idenity, James Guckert.

On January 30, , Susan G.

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Part IV" on the Daily Kos: As the story goes, at the last minute before airing, there was a massive effort from key Washington politicians who were implicated in the scandal to exert pressure on the channel to threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired. As you always said, you can't ask others to make a sacrifice if you are not ready to do the same. Life is duty.

God bless America. Justice Department was setting up an even larger database: They will speak of acts of depravity committed against children that are so heinous as to be almost beyond human comprehension. But how many of these victims will be believed? Dutcher was a congressional aide to former Rep.

Robert Bauman, Maryland Republican, who resigned from the House after admitted having engaged in sexual liaisons with teen-age male prostitutes. A charge also was discovered against the credit card of a former White House staffer who prepared the president's daily news summary in the Reagan administration.

Todd A Blodgett said he had not made the charge. One of the ring's big spending clients is Craig J. Spence, Washington socialite and international trade consultant, according to documents and interviews with operators and prostitutes who say they engaged in sexual activities with Mr. Spence who arranged the nocturnal tour of the Reagan White House. Repeated attempts to reach Mr.

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Spence by telephone, fax machine and personal visits to his home, were unsuccessful. Credit card vouchers confirm that Mr. Members of major news organizations also procured escort services from the ring, credit card documents show. Tapscott, whose resignation on June 20 was accepted, said he had not procured homosexual escorts or sexual services of any kind.

He said in an interview that he had talked to two women he arranged to meet through the escort service as part of an investigation of a dial-a-porn services he had initiated a year earlier when he was editor of the newspaper's Money section. The charges were made against his company American Express card. His editors knew of no such investigation. Before joining The Times, Mr. Tapscott worked for the Office of Personnel Management in the Reagan administration. Managers of the escort ring said that "a few women" were used for clients who called with specific requests but that the regular stable was altogether male.

The documents show that a number of clients — lawyers, doctors and business executives — used corporate credit cards to procure escort services and that a number of military officers from the United States and allied countries — including one foreign officer using a "Department of Defence" credit card — charged male escort services. One former top-level Pentagon officer said that for the past eight years, military and civilian intelligence authorities have been concerned that "a nest of homosexuals" at top levels of the Reagan administration may have been penetrated by Soviet-backed espionage agents posing as male prostitutes, said one former top-level Pentagon official.

A major concern, said the former official with longtime ties to top-ranking military intelligence officers, was that hostile foreign intelligence services were using young male prostitutes to compromise top administration homosexuals, thus making them subject to blackmail. Daniel Graham, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Because "closet" homosexuals in government service can be easily "turned" through blackmail for espionage purposes, Gen. Graham said, "we have always in intelligence tried very hard not to be giving classified information to known homosexuals.

Those interviewed by The Times confirmed that there were blackmail attempts by male prostitutes who wanted money and other favors to protect clients' sexual lives.

Jeff Gannon: media prostitute

The clients interviewed say a Feb. In the raid, spearheaded by the Washington Field Office of the U. Secret Service, authorities found a telephone switchboard operation serving a half-dozen homosexual escort services. Secret Service agents and District police vice investigators confiscated financial records, as well as ledgers, photos, diaries, telephone records, Rolodexes and client lists of the prostitution network, during the raid and with subsequent subpoenas issued by D.

Superior Court.

Although the confiscated material was turned over to District police on the scene, witnesses and law enforcement agents say the Secret Service kept one box containing names and other information about high-level government officials who were clients of the male escort business. District police officials say that, to their knowledge, this is the first time the Secret Service has ever become involved in such a raid in this area.

Initially, the Secret Service denied it was involved in the raid, but after a second raid of the 34th Place house on May 18, the agency acknowledged its involvement in the investigation. Secret Service spokesman Bob Snow said the agency participated in the search and seizure operation because of its jurisdiction over credit card fraud. Witnesses to the February raid said 12 Secret Service agents in blue parkas entered the house and spent several hours collecting and removing boxes of files.

One Relentless Job - The Presidents' Gatekeepers

Federal and District investigators have since interrogated several prostitutes working for the ring, as well as clients of homosexual escort services operating under such names as Jovan, Man-to-Man, Metrodate, Ultimate Models and Ultimate First Class. In addition to credit-card fraud, the investigation is said to be focused on illegal interstate prostitution, abduction and use of minors for sexual perversion, extortion, larceny and related illicit drug trafficking and use by prostitutes and their clients.

One of the chief operators of Professional Services Inc. Balach, the labor secretary's liaison to the White House. Vinson said he believes a highly placed federal official, whom he would not name, is working to derail the investigation, but he would not elaborate. Authorities have been investigating possible credit card fraud by the ring operators since last fall. Operators of the ring told The Times that videotapes, audio tapes and still photographs were made of sex acts performed by clients and the call boys, including perverted acts.

Documents show that customers were charged for "videotapes" from the operation. For a Discovery Channel Documentary revealing lots more on the Franklin case, click here For how sex is used in high-level blackmail and manipulation, click here. This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

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